Friday, May 03, 2013

Week 18 - Sigil

I strongly concur, Jordanian.
"And when this stuff works, its because someone believes it works? And if you thought, you know, that magic made you sick - you might believe in a magic cure?"
- Caroline, The Skeleton Key

Making this entry short and quick, like this week.

It was the mum's golden birthday this week and it was a children's party of sorts - an idea that she got from a lot of her friends. It was actually fun - especially the part where some folks were juggling the crap out of some practice dough in a special dance number. Amazing stuff.

Something I learned this week: cats and laptop keyboards should be kept far away from each other. My Delete key got pried off in a second and it's now pretty much impossible to repair. I'm sticking to dogs from now on.


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