Friday, February 01, 2013

Week 5 - Project Kashmir

For tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun. For now.
"The universe is not an unkind place, but it is not Paradise. Everything has a price somehow. At least that's what I've grown to believe in my almost forty years in this life of mine. My slight addiction to slightly more colorful narratives makes days like these somewhat odd to me somehow. It's like when things seem so fucking perfect, I find myself waiting for the stench of payback in the air. And then I sometimes realize that perhaps I've paid forward."
- J. Golangco, Paranoia (Letters to Marge)

As much as I love stories, there are some that are so difficult to listen to, especially if you didn't really expect anything other than the everyday banter you were so used to. That's the thing with folks who seem to have such a positive outlook on life - sometimes they carry the heaviest of crosses that you can't help but wonder if other people who hide behind smiles and laughter all the time harbor some hidden burdens that never really seem apparent until they sit down and talk about it. There are people who would say that I should be thankful that I'm not in such a horrible position in life - and this sentiment troubles me. Do we really need to be shown examples of people having a bad day (or a bad life, for that matter) so that we could be thankful for not being in their position? Does someone really have to be screwed so badly as an example to everyone else? If so, well that's just cruel.

Ah well, as the person said - on to happier thoughts.

Anyway, I headed to Megamall last weekend (despite feeling like a zombie) to pick up a few plot devices MacGuffins things from the usual drop-off. The mere thought of being there a very short time before the shooting incident disturbs me. At the very least, no one was hurt so hopefully, that is that.

Okay, seriously, on to happier thoughts.

In other news, two of the genuinely nicest people I've had the pleasure of calling my friends are getting married in a little less than a month and a half. It's funny to think that I was literally there when they first met and I'm still there when they decided to tie the knot. We would never have guessed that those two would ever end up together, but at some point we knew deep down that we were secretly rooting for them. I guess it really sucks that I will not be in Manila (or Luzon or sober, for that matter) during their wedding day - my estimate says that it would probably be one of those rare restores-faith-in-humanity moments that I desperately need.

Look at me, talking about personal burdens and weddings and all that jazz.

Dammit, I think I'm getting old.

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