Friday, December 21, 2012

Week 51 - Afterworld

Context - not needed.
"But there is still good here. Christmas is still a time spent with friends and family. Laughing. Sharing stories. Just being there for each other. This is mankind at its best, not its worst. Surely, you can appreciate that, Pope. Chris Bucholz, you are awful. No reasoning - no logical argument, no call to your better nature - will ever make you accept Christmas. Your heart of tarnished tin will not permit it."
- Santa Claus, 5 Ways to Actually Steal Christmas

Granted that the Mayans are wrong, the next four days would be hectic. Saturday would be spent hunting down that damn book followed by dinner with some friends (which is usually extra long - I think we spent four hours in the restaurant the last time). A couple of provinces to go to for the next three days after that - I only hope I get enough rest to go back to work on the 26th.

No rest for the wicked, yeah?

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