Monday, August 27, 2012

On Movies, Pop Culture and The Passage of Time

"That thing belongs in a museum!"
"We all do."
- Witty exchange between Ross and Trench, The Expendables 2

So I watched The Expendables 2 this past weekend and I could picture myself unable to resist having silly grins throughout the movie.

There was a ton of homages that were paid in that movie, and I probably understood most of them. One cannot help but smile at that one Chuck Norris joke (or two, if you count how he was introduced to the story, not to mention the fact that he is portrayed as a lone wolf), or JCVD's patented spinning kicks or the numerous Terminator (Ah'll be bhack) and Die Hard (Yippee ki-yay) references. I appreciated the nod to Terminator when Arnold ripped off a car door and the end credits vignette where they intentionally made Arnold look like a damaged T-800.

I'm not sure why, but that exchange I quoted above got me off guard. I'm not exactly old or whatever, but the the entire film seemed like a window to the past and it certainly reeks of anachronism when placed alongside what is popular among folks nowadays.

I remember something that a friend said to me a few years ago regarding the death of Michael Jackson. He said that it's hard to imagine that we'll live to see many of our iconic media personalities pass away in our lifetime. One day, there would be people who won't know Will Smith or Jacky Chan until they look them up. Hell, I've seen it happen to The Beatles already. Blasphemy!

Think about it.

NOTE: Okay, this post is mildly depressing. Here's a video to help you think about other things. It may or may not be depressing, depending on who watches it. Otherwise, here's a cat singing the Game of Thrones theme.

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