Thursday, April 08, 2010

Fifteen Facts About The Typical PC User

1. When a strange and suspicious popup that has never been seen before suddenly appears, the typical users WILL input their username, password and domain name.

2. A weekend goes by, and the typical users tend to forget their passwords, even if it is something like 'happy123'.

3. A typical user can use Google to search for contraband software (malware included), but will never think to use it to see how to remove Offline mode in Outlook (which takes two fucking clicks).

4. Recycle Bins merely serve as an additional desktop icon for the typical user. Thus they will panic when they accidentally delete a file.

5. The typical user regularly changes critical system settings "accidentally". Strangely enough, in their dictionary, "accidentally" is synonymous with "disabling the antivirus and firewall while searching for pr0n".

6. Google Earth is the only way to search for geographical locations. Wikipedia, or even Google itself cannot do that according to the typical user.

7. The typical user will ask for access to mainframe software - which mainframe software is for IT to find out.

8. The typical user expects files deleted two years ago to be recovered in fifteen minutes.

9. The typical user thinks it is realistic to grant access for thirty users across eight different systems in five minutes.

10. A "DO NOT DISTURB" sign means "Ask Away" for the typical user.

11. The typical user's response to destroying critical shared resources is "Ooops, please recover that within the day or I'll report this to your manager."

12. The typical users believe they can skip over basic computing principles, "because a bunch of clicks could fix it."

13. The typical user thinks minimizing windows would prevent them from being detected doing stupid stuff.

14. The typical user thinks external servers can be manipulated by in-house IT.

15. The typical user will be completely irate because they were having software problems for weeks. They shut the fuck up when you ask them why they only sent a complaint five minutes ago.

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