Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Manhunt 2 is zOMG Morbid

I've never really noted any game I've played before for its violence. Back when Shadow Warrior was for me, really violent, I was just amused. Hell, you were using a katana to cut down suicidal uzi-wielding "ninjas".

Anyway, I got to play Manhunt 2, at least the PSP version. Review sites say that it "brings out our primal instincts". I supposed it were true, but they were way off. It was a vast understatement. Remember when you watched the Scream Trilogy, or the Jason movies? Manhunt 2 plays like those movies, only you're the serial killer. The executions, as the game's stealth kill moves were called, were just plain wrong. At least it was a game where, for once, one can get the slasher film villain experience and just for that, it's pretty damn fun.

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