Monday, September 08, 2008

45, suckas!

Wow, playing Duels has taught me a lot lately.

1. Grinding is dumb, because eventually devs would throw out free XP boosts. Apparently, I haven't learned from my MU Days.

2. A game's graphics is proportional to the asshatteries of its trolls.

3. Always be prepared to see your middle mouse button destroyed. Ya, dstr0yed butans!

4. There's ALWAYS a prick who discovers the Internet 5 years too late.

5. Where credit is due, give it. If you deserve it, be sure to beat others to it.

6. Bottomfeeding is fun. Unless it's being done to you.

7. He who has credit cards always wins the day. Always.

8. If you want to win big, there are suckers who will always go for sucker trades.

9. Innovation, not wealth, wins the day.

10. Never gloat. It makes you look like a buffoon if you win, and a wiener if you lose.

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