Sunday, September 06, 2015

2015 So Far - August

I've turned 27. Who would've guessed?

I've been mulling over a lot of things lately. The lengthy commutes - thanks to the increasingly frustrating Manila traffic situation - takes care of that.

Butao, Black King and Red King at Ramen Nagi, Greenbelt 3

It seems that getting closer to one's third decade on earth raises a lot of room for self doubt. It's a strange feeling, really, to start shedding the feeling of invincibility that comes with youth.

Lengua and Paella at Pia y Damaso, Greenbelt 5

I'm always thankful to be in a relatively good position in life (compared to a lot of people), but most days I can't help but wonder if peace or contentment or whatever counts for enlightenment awaits us over the next hill, so to speak. It's easy to be optimistic when one is young and surrounded by all the safety nets that the world can offer.

Squid Ink Pappardelle and Kimchi Fried Rice at Wildflour Cafe, Rada Street, Makati

Uncertainties are a part of adult life, and that sentiment grows on me each day. I still have questions over what I really want to do with my life.

Cat Cafe Manila, Maginhawa St. cor. Makadios St., Teacher's Village

Questions that have been raised through the daily grind we all know and love (or hate or resent), where one tends to weigh between living in relative comfort while never really satiating that craving for meaning in an increasingly maddening world.

Customised Noodles at Caution Hot, Maginhawa St. cor. Magiting St., Teacher's Village

I guess that's the puzzle that will haunt this generation - my generation. How does one find self-fulfillment without exchanging it for an empty stomach?

Dragon's Breath at Icecreamist, Maginhawa St. cor. Magiting St., Teacher's Village

Maybe that's something I should ponder upon over the next year. I feel like I'm at the same point as Einstein was when he came up with his theory of relativity, if the famous anecdote is to be believed.

Butterbeer at The Nook, Maginhawa St., Teacher's Village

And if this other personally relatable anecdote is to be believed, then I'm at a strange crossroad in my life. I suppose I should make the most out of my circumstances. After all, the universe has never been unkind. Unfair, sometimes, but never unkind.

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