Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week 35 - Rift Runner

Well, it's a couple of weeks late but guess what? Something's been taken off the bucket list. I feel terrible for forgetting this.

I must say that my arms and back were pretty sore for a day or two, but it was all worth it (especially since it was the Girlfriend who prepped things and all).

We might try shooting next, but I'll have to set that up with my friend before it happens. I don't really like firearms, but what the heck.

I've also managed to beat Diablo 3 last week. It wasn't as short as they said it - on the contrary there's a good amount of content to gear up players for the endgame (which is what Diablo has been really about for over a decade). The main difference, I think, between the previous game is that Diablo 3 still has an ever-evolving endgame - currently in the form of Rifts. HopefullyI'll have a post about my character soon as soon as I get my gloves (Tasker and Theo), mojo (probably Uhkapian Serpent or Shukrani's Triumph) and weapon (the damned Starmetal Kukri). At the very least, I managed to get the Mask of Jeram last weekend.

You know what the best part of last week was? A hotel buffet with barely any guests. There's something to be said about the level of service in our country - and it's on a whole different level when you're the only people around.

Good times.


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