Sunday, March 09, 2014

Week 10 - Snakes and Ladders

- Pope Francis

There are times when we're reminded that the concepts of fairness and the strength of one's word are, ultimately, completely artificial notions. I guess I see progress in a way similar to stacking Jenga bricks - things tend to be slow and steady and having some random factor pull something away without reason throws everything else way off course.

I dislike being regarded as a statistic. I dislike being perceived in names lines to be filled out. I dislike being made to choose between a rock and a hard place because, frankly, what's the point if the choice is an illusion? It's, for the lack of a better term, just not right. Very few things make me angry, and underhanded decisions that have been pre-made for me happen to be one of them.

As this Youtube vlogger has asked, can't the net experience of life be on the positive side of the scale?

Cazzo indeed.

On the bright side, I (sort of) finished my first 5k run last Sunday. It was probably the first time I've ever felt what people call the runner's high. While I'd rather sit down in a room with the airconditioning turned to full blast (or go to Baguio), it was more fun than I expected (unless you're trying to compete).


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