Friday, June 14, 2013

Week 24 - Sen-No-Sen

"Your silly songs made me laugh, and in the evening, you'd enchant me with your stories, lying on your back beside me. Even then my heart was yours."
- Jenny Scott, Love Song of Night and Day

The rains have finally arrived. I've been waiting for this gloomy weather for months (although it's still boiling hot during the mornings).

In other news, ToyCon PH is happening this weekend - although I'll probably skip it this year. Getting a 2005 Convention Dark Phoenix has been somewhat a lost cause (and I should have bought it when I had the chance years ago) - and only good old eBay could probably accomplish that by now. At any rate, the brother attended it and bagged an Uncharted board game. We'll give it a whirl one of these days.

UPDATE: We did manage attend Day 3, despite several weather-related hijinks. It wasn't quite as I expected - or perhaps last year's Toy Expo at SMX set my expectations way too high.

Speaking of which, the PS3 is getting decommissioned this year - although it is going out with a bang. It's been an awesome four years, and the system's swan song (for me, at least) has finally been released - Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. Gripping isn't a term that does the story justice. Knowing Naughty Dog (who also made the Uncharted series), it will be one heck of a post-apocalyptic ride. The introductory chapter is tragically moving - and they killed off a kid. I have a feeling that the game wasn't meant to be played on Hard. The frequent deaths somewhat ruin the narrative flow and the checkpoints often seem so few and far in between - especially if you try to play it stealthily.

Lastly,the Droid's text messaging software got a nifty upgrade very recently. It surely feels like something they borrowed from iOS.


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