Friday, June 07, 2013

Week 23 - Portent

It's funny that I often remember my dreams, although a lot of them get lost in that hazy period between deciding to get out of bed. Even fewer are the ones which make their mark known for a long while (and I'm talking about clawing amongst R'lyeh's monoliths to avoid drowning, which isn't exactly a pleasant or symbolic one). Last Saturday was even more odd, because I dreamt of losing teeth and being lighthearted about it. They say dreams like that are symbolic of outside perspective (being that people consider teeth as a huge part of their physical appearance or something) - and the kicker is that the context wasn't revealed until the following evening.

Good times.

I managed to beat Dark Arisen this week. I'm told that Bitterblack Isle gets more difficult on subsequent runs, so I'm looking forward to taking on Daimon's second form in the near future. Bitterblack's lower strata remind me so much of the Tower of Latria, which is arguably my favorite setpiece in a fantasy game. There's a deep sense of immersion when my Arisen wandered its unhallowed halls - although there is little room for awe when your character is surrounded by death (or sometimes literally Death itself) at all times.

Lastly, huzzah for working weekends.

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