Friday, April 19, 2013

Week 16 - Cam Tangwa

Everything elegant is in Tengwar.
"Our own story is the best story. Yes, it may pattern out with others but its the small intricate details which makes it special. Write your own. And be happy as you scribble every filling sentence to the chapters."
- Jayson Benedicto

Now that I think about it, I've not had a weekend at home for over a month. Hence, I'm technically under house arrest this week. Hopefully, I'll be finishing Infinite by then and still have enough moolah to buy Devil's Cartel.

There was this company outing last weekend which, in retrospect, I should have taken pictures of. It's a bummer that I don't exactly function well during summers - and I blame that for this oversight. Ha!

Since I'm working with a better schedule this week, I've also managed to catch an old friend for dinner - and will probably do so for most of next week. The bastard looks like a renegade now, although his stories are still unbelievably funny (and would sound straight out of a bad movie if one wasn't exactly familiar with the guy). Maybe it's time for another buffet meet in a few weeks. Or get to that damn archery resto like we said months ago.

There was this course I took on Indian culture. It was very interesting and it shed a lot of light on how their culture translates to the workplace. Definitely worth a mental note or two.


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