Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Gabrielle Aplin! Goliath and the Giants! Hannah+Gabi!

Sorry for the lazy post, I'll review the rest of RE6 and a new Android game in the next couple of weeks. For now, give these folks a listen!

Gabrielle Aplin

I found out about Gabrielle Aplin during one of those YouTube random clicking days. I think she started out by doing brilliant covers, then went into producing a few EPs.

At the moment, I only have Home, which has five original tracks. Or at least I'm pretty sure they're original.

Anyway, the EP is only currently available as a digital download in iTunes and elsewhere. Not bad for the price, I guess.

Goliath and the Giants

This surf rock band graced the banner of the TPB a few weeks back.

Free music is free music, and the download's legal to boot, so I decided to give it a shot.

The band's website is here, and they have two full length albums for free download.

Oh, and sorry for mutilating the covers. I don't have shoop skills.

Hannah + Gabi

Lastly, there's this local band called Hannah + Gabi.

A highschool classmate posted the music video of one of their songs (Waiting For the Rainfall) on Facebook recently and I gave it a go.

The nine-track album is a digital download from their Bandcamp site, but I think there's also an option for purchasing a physical copy (and it's pretty cheap too).


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