Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Tertiaries: My Personal Holocron

"I realized that life is time spent looking for ways to amuse ourselves while waiting for our time to go."
- Ramon Bautista

So I put up an additional page a few weeks back labeled 'The Tertiaries.' While I feel that bucket lists are somehow limiting (and cannot be retrospective, I think), I can't deny the fact that there have been times when an awesome idea comes to me at a time when I can't do it yet. Sometimes, you just can't carpe the diem, as they say. Sometimes, these happen when I'm just swamped with personal problems, or busy with work, or just plain broke. It sucks when I forget an idea until the universe reminds me by seeing someone else do it in kickass fashion.

Also, sometimes awesome things just happen. Spontaneity, as others would call it. I think it's human to have an urge to record those times. Maybe I just find value in too many trivial experiences, but I digress. If you've ever seen Diary of the Dead, you'd probably have a vague idea of what I mean.

I guess 'The Tertiaries' could very well be a mash-up of my bucket list, memories, non-critical goals and various things that I think I'd still have to do. Maybe I need these to remind me that while life is often crappy, there have been times when things were great, and I'm assured that more of them would happen down the line. I guess I need something to look forward to.

We all do.

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