Saturday, August 29, 2009

This Country is in A Serious Shitpile

So yesterday, I got a call from some guy. He knew my name, and stated that he got my contact information from my alma mater. He said he wanted to give me an "exclusive job opportunity given to 2-3 students per batch." Something along those lines.

He said that I could earn 20-30k per month and it wouldn't even interfere with what I'm doing at the time, which was watching AoTS. I thought that was a good idea, so I agreed for an appointment on Monday, which turns out to be a holiday, the first hole I saw in his words.

He gave me an address, 15th flr. Octagon Building in Ortigas. That's the second hole I saw. I mean, what kind of dumbfuck generic name is 15th flr. Octagon Building? Unfortunately, this is the Philippines, and it exists. Wow.

The dude was in a hurry, or at least sounded like it, and he ended the call saying that he expects me to behave like a professional. I thought, "Wow, that guy sounded cool."

After the call, I went to Google. Why? All he gave was the company name, NSE International and an address. First lesson if you're a company that wants a corporate website: Use a fucking consistent name.

After about half an hour of searching, I found this site for Nu Skin Enterprises. Not to be rude, but I thought our project called "Meatshop" looked way more professional. And funnier.

I knew that companies should have contact information on ALL their corporate branches, and there was none, or it wasn't located easily. Bad for a corporate website.

Out of clues, I decided to look up the address, since I had no idea where to go. I typed the address on Google and the next day, I'm writing this post.

And in case you're wondering, the call did interrupt my daily dose of AoTS. Dammit.


I do not have any gripe against MLM companies. I even know people who have earned stuff from it.

It's just that the thought of shelling out cash for the commute and food to an interview could have been used for more important things, like commute and food and watching District 9.

Furthermore, I do not have the time to go to a place on a fucking holiday I never even heard of and then find out that I have to shell out a further 12.5k to get a job, because I could just go to a call center and earn more for a fraction of the hassle and effort.

Finally, like a "professional", I canceled my appointment in an articulate manner (no sarcasm here, I'm serious).

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