Monday, March 09, 2009

Qui Vigila Als Vigilans? (Watchmen Review)

I just watched the Watchmen yesterday. It was amazing.

For those not in the know, DO NOT expect Watchmen to be a movie along the lines of Spiderman or Batman. I have never seen a more faithful recreation of a comic book so kudos to Warner for this one.

So what would one expect from the three hour movie?


The Good

1. Excellent casting, especially Rorschach. The actor looked like he was ripped out of the graphic novel. He should be given an award for his portrayal.

2. The plot was relatively unchanged. Yes, Hollywood actually didn't manage to screw this one up.

3. No toning down of gore level. Yeah, to those who read the novel, remember how Rorschach ended up?

4. Excellent soundtrack. The opening montage was beautiful with the sound thrown in, and the Comedian's burial was one of my favorite scenes.

The Bad

1. They put the blame on Dr. Manhattan. Bad move, in my opinion.

2. Remember the beast that launches the psy nuke? Yeah, the one from Ozymandias' plan? Didn't happen.

3. While it didn't affect me, I think that the movie would only be best appreciated by those who read the novel first. Otherwise, one might expect a lot of fight scenes, which obviously didn't happen.

The Ugly

1. Blue dick. Lots of blue dick. Well, it WAS a faithful recreation.

2. And manbutt.

So there ya go. Overall, I think it's better than V for Vendetta. I'm certainly getting a DVD copy when it comes out.

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