Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why I Hate This Hole

Last night, I got mugged.

It was no surprise what kind of asshats did it, those we properly label as the scum of society. They all dress the same anyway, like some sort of washed up hiphop artists.

Looking at the big picture now, I no longer believe that those folks steal because they have no other choice. They pretty much had the resources to look presentable, and probably had the ability to find work as well.

They're most likely different from us in a psychological perspective. They probably don't deserve to live in society. This happening to me is the last straw. I no longer have sympathy for those scumbags, and they probably belong in levels a thousandfold less than where they are now.

1 comment:

  1. sorry to hear about what happened.

    I can imagine there are a lot of poorer folks than those muggers who choose to make something of themselves instead using their poverty as an excuse to rob other people.

    What those guys need is a bullet in the head. but believe when i say they'll eventually get what's coming to them. Somehow, somewhere, someone else is going to get even for you.