Heya, my name's Harvin and I'm inconceivably horrible at introductions, so here goes.

A little background, yes?

I grew up having a keen interest in the arts and humanities which may explain my feeble attempts at writing and drawing, but somehow fate has decreed that I pursue computer science instead. In any case, I eschew writing code - unless absolutely necessary and self-serving. Go figure.

I have an unhealthy obsession with the Cthulhu mythos, tea, retrofuturism, secondhand books, the Pillars of Creation, Mage Knight miniatures and the Republic of Seychelles.

Oh, and butterflies should be extinct. Seriously.

The Memos
The short answer is probably the same as many folks who write blogs - so they won't forget.

Everyone likes a good story. I've always envied people who have a knack for telling them - something that I've never really been good at.

Coincidentally, I have this nasty habit of jotting down random things for many reasons. I am a sucker for posterity, and I've wasted my share of ink writing down random thoughts, quotes, and other whatnot on the most convenient surface I could write on and take with me.

Those notes, along with my inane ramblings about films, music, books, video games and everything in between make up most of my dark corner of the Internet. I'll try my best to keep things coherent, even if things get a bit incomprehensible now and then.

Ergo, this blog is representative of my interests, or lack thereof.

Except where explicitly noted, everything on this blog is mine. I'd appreciate it if you send me a note in the unfortunate situation that you'd want to use my work as a reference. You could probably contact me via my Twitter handle (@shorebot). Or leave a comment. That would work too.

This blog contains stuff young folks should avoid such as, but not limited to excessive cursing, extremely subjective opinion and obscure pop culture references. In the event that you'd find something offensive or disagreeable, you're more than welcome to send me your thoughts, via Twitter or onsite comments. Onsite comments are unmoderated, but manually approved.