Sunday, December 07, 2014

The November That Was (Part Two)

This is pretty much a photo dump of a trip to two branches of Yexel's Toy collections.

Before that, though, remember this? We had to pass by Luneta on our way to Ocean Park. Lo and behold, Carlos Celdran was telling the truth.

The construction project sticks out like a sore thumb behind the monument. It's a shame that Filipinos tend to say that they're proud of their culture and all that - when the truth is that most of our countrymen don't really care about cultural heritage enough to preserve it.

It's shameful, really, when the people are to poor to even care about their past (or too rich to give a shit).

So, yeah.

Photos after the link below, so keep clicking.

Amazing Stories of Yexel's Museum
For a while now, I've wanted to go to Yexel's Toy Museum. It's a private toy collection nestled away in the far reaches of Las Pinas. It's relative distance means that planning for a trip there is a bit of a nightmare.

Luckily, two branches opened recently - one in Ocean Park and another in the Boom na Boom Complex. We managed to visit both in the span of a day. It was fairly exhausting (because the sun decided to be a royal pain in the ass that day), but it was well worth it.

First stop was the branch at Ocean Park. To be fair, it didn't really seem to be a toy museum. It was mostly a collection of life-sized replicas of famous sets in media history (which was way more than we bargained for). Unfortunately, a few sets were still under construction when we visited, so there's that.

A Stage Full of Minions.

Harvin and the Chipmunks. Sorry.

Trick Room.

Spider-Man, the Menace.


The Balrog.


Uruk Weapons.

Elven Weapons.

Gondorian Steel.

Elven Helm.
Iron Men.
The Iron Throne.
The Capture of Leia Organa.

Yexel's Toy Museum, Boom na Boom
The Boom na Boom branch, however, is an actual toy collection interspersed with a lot of lifesized statues.

I'm guessing that the main branch didn't have space for everything (as I've seen some of the items in pictures posted by people who have visited the main branch.

Still, it's a toy collector's paradise.

One of the Many Shelves of Toys.



Wall-E and Eve.

Mario Kart!

Conan. Conen. Get it? Nevermind.

Pacman. And Some Megaman Folks.

A Bunch of Italians.

Saiyans and Friends.

Lupin's Gang.

Luffy's Gang.


The Incredibles.

A Wall of Mechas.

Street Fighters.

The Justice League and Cyclops.

Always Be Batman.

More Iron Men.



Not sure, probably Bat-nipple Batman?


We certainly hope to be able to visit the main branch one of these days. For now though, the satellite branches are worth a look (and a lot of pictures).


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