Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 34 - Return to Sanctuary

"I wander to places beyond imaginings, far from the jungles of my youth. My knowledge has grown vast. The people, they think me banished -- shunned to the end of my days. They say I defy the spirits. But I say no, I follow them. The spirits show me alone that the sky-fire is where the end begins. They say this must not be. I live to serve the spirits, so I go. There is none but me to answer the call."
- The Witch Doctor

It's been over six years (twenty in the in-universe time) since a Necromancer stepped into the world of Sanctuary to do battle with five of the Great Evils. Now a Witch Doctor picks up where he has left off and seeks out the last two to end the Eternal Conflict.

So, yeah - I've been hooked to Diablo 3 for the past few days (thanks to the very long weekend). Despite my previous thoughts being contrary, the game has been a really good one so far - even with a whole lot of its features being streamlined for a broader audience. I can't wait to get a PS Plus subscription sometime in the next month or so (when the next batch of CoD comes out) to run Rift Raids online.

Also, we got to watch Kyoto Inferno. That story arc was by far my favorite from the anime (and I can't really remember the others) and seeing the characters' fighting styles recreated in live action (and I'm looking at you, Saito and Sojiro) was awesome.

I wish Cho had his sword whip but otherwise, it was a joy to watch. I'm looking forward to two battles in the finale next month: Saito against that blind turtle shield guy and Sanosuke's fistfight against Anji.

Good stuff. It'll be a very busy couple of months, so go me!


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