Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week 29 - And There's Two

The dad's back, and so goes my Internet connection for a month. I really regret the day I taught the old man the powers of TPB - especially since majority of his downloads are horrible camera rips that would cause more headaches than entertainment. Eighty concurrent torrents is never a good thing.


Meanwhile, the Girlfriend has given me a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded attacks. I didn't know (or believe) this existed until this week. I'm fairly certain that this is the last section of the Zombie Survival Guide and it was turned into a graphic novel, but it has been years since I last read it so I can't really remember.

In other news, SDCC happens this weekend. One day (along with E3). One day.

In Blood Brothers news, it seems that a full Ignis team turns out to be viable for Raid Boss events. It doesn't work all the time, but when it does, it works well. It is a long shot, but I think the next step is getting my first Legendary, a Scorching Marid, to increase the Blue Beard's buffing consistency. The next PvP event will determine if this is viable, and by then I would probably trash the retainers I kept. That is unless DeNa nerfs buffing, something that they're keen on doing, so we'll see.


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