Friday, May 24, 2013

Week 21 - Less Than Three

Pretty busy week at work, so nothing too much of note for the past few days.

A bunch of new places this past weekend though - Mezza Norte and Little Tokyo. We also got to explore UP Diliman - something I've wanted to do for the longest time - and find Mang Larry's, thanks to the brother's vague directions.

Mezza Norte is like one of those weekly food markets like Banchetto and SidCor and happens near TriNoma a few days a week. Nothing extra special that separates it from the other food markets apart from its proximity to two malls, but it's worth a try.

Little Tokyo, on the other hand, is something else. Think of it as the poor man's Tsumura - although the food quality isn't that far by a mile and there's a distinguishable difference among the food choices. It's a small compound that contains several restaurants owned by Japanese chefs and the ambience - coupled with the fact that a lot of Japanese folks eat, drink and smoke there - gives it a somewhat authentic feel. We only got to try Ha Na (for its takoyaki and ice cream) and Nodasho (for its noodles and the obligatory sashimi) and would give the other places a shot in the future.

In other news, I've done a massive overhaul for my Blood Brothers ranging party - something I'll be posting about soon. It's strange how much a game's dynamic can change within a very short amount of time, but I guess it's because gaming companies are still companies and they have to keep the money rolling in, somehow.

That's about it, really. Later!


  1. Mang Larry's isaw is delicious, but overrated on weeknights!

    Also, I got curious with week 20 so I checked your archive to understand what week 20 means (what you were really counting from) HAHAHAHA

    1. Yeah, bit the servings are literally bite-sized, like they want you to buy a LOT.

      Hahaha, the titles are intentionally cryptic. Think of it as doodles in a notebook - they only mean something to the ones who make them.

      Or that's probably just me.