Friday, April 05, 2013

Week 14 - Last Call

This is my third and last week in Bacolod - and to be quite honest, I'm already missing the dirt and chaos of Manila. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy my vacation - the past three weeks have been a blast.

The highlight of the week was our overnight stay at Mambukal - a resort carved into a mountain that acts as a gateway to Mount Kanlaon (as per their website). It's a pretty place, as long as one doesn't mind the summer heat. It's pretty far from the city limits too, so the lack of light pollution ensures that the sky is filled with stars at night.

The place also houses a mountain trail that hosts seven waterfalls. It was a pretty rough hike, which also involved a lot of climbing at some points, but it was worth the effort. Unfortunately, we only got to the sixth before deciding to head back, as it was getting late and the hike was extremely physically exhausting. Word of warning though - the climb back down was much more challenging, especially since one could see how far they'd fall if they lose their footing.

It's been a lazy week, so (relatively) only a few photos this round.

Photos after the link, so go click!

Totally unrelated - Rana favorited it on Instagram and Twitter. Sorry, a nerd is me. Anyway...
Mambukal Resort.
Behind our lodgings.
Those brown things? Bats.
The Lagoon.
Some shrubs at the picnic area.
Ishiwata Bath House.
Picnic area.
Another shot of the lagoon.
Don't burn these.
Death trap.
(Boiling) Hot spring. This was off-limits for obvious reasons.

And another lagoon shot.
The goddaughter.
Morning shot. Those specks are bats.
And free money.

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