Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 13.2 - Silliman University Tour

I had to separate the post for our Silliman University tour (which was much less of a tour than it was of just wandering around looking for things to take photos of).

I was surprised by how large the place was - especially since most of the land was just donated by the locals after learning that the Americans chose Dumaguete as the site for a new university - since all the other cities they surveyed weren't exactly on friendly terms with them (since it was the American colonization era at the time).

We actually went there twice, since we didn't know where to go to during our first visit. We stumbled upon a student ambassador center by pure luck on our second day (mainly because the trike driver dropped us a few streets from the main entrance - where their office happened to be conveniently located).

Our guide, whose name I can't quite remember (as I'm absolutely horrible with names), was of the chatty sort and was more than eager to show us around the campus even though the sun was blazing overhead. One thing I noticed was that she, along with the other ambassadors and other students, spoke solely in pretty fluent (if not a bit archaic) English - which was probably because Silliman is a private American university, not to mention the fact that Dumaguete is one of the first real university towns in Asia.

There were actually two places we went to - the main campus and the Marine Labs campus (which also contained the College of Agriculture) which located on a private beachfront compound a couple of kilometers away.

I particularly enjoyed the Marine Labs. Not counting the guard, a caretaker and three researchers, we were literally the only people there. Entrance fee is twenty-five pesos - and with no one to act as a guide, we were in no hurry to explore the place. Unfortunately, I think that the place is sorely in need of funding - which is sad because it's the only facility of its kind in the Philippines. Even then, it's still worth a look.

Photos after the link, so click it!

Main Entrance, dubbed The Portal of Knowledge. And a photobomber.

Our ambassador/guide lady person.
Strolling the main campus.
The Amphitheater.
College of Performing Arts
The Portal of Opportunity faces the sea. Poetic, no?
New York Street
Main library, dubbed the Toblerone.
School of Public Governance - a heritage building.
Former field hospital.
Anthropology Museum.
The Marine Labs.
The Marine Labs Compound.
Sperm Whale bone.
This was left on the floor of the Marine Exhibit. Not funny.
Carpet Shark.
What type of dog is this? Sorry, Borat reference.
Whale Shark jaw.
Dead mermaids.
In his house at R'lyeh, guess who waits whilst dreaming?
Breeding Tanks - Starfish.
When you see it...
Bioluminescent urchin.
Found him!
Second largest collection in the world. Dunwall would be proud.
Crocodile breeding pens.
Mangrove swamp beside the croc pens. Not a good idea.
Cupcakes at the Poppy Cafe to end the tour. Cheap and pretty good.

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