Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 11 - The Vacation

Elvhenan Tengwar, shemlen.
"Tomorrow I must go, my love. I will tattoo my head with braids.
My shield will bear a shining sun so you will always be with me.
Inlaid with gold, it will shine like glowing embers.
I will return with lizard skins for your sandals.
Paint your eyes black and wait for me."
- Jenny Scott, Love Song of Night and Day

I've been taking a cab going home everyday this week. Most of them weren't too chatty (which is a godsend because my mind tends to wander to God knows where during those times), but there was this one chap who was quite notable. Introducing himself as Mang Jhun, the first thing he did was to politely remind me to lock the door for safety purposes (which I do anyway) and hand out his business card. Needless to say, this was quite unusual. He went on to say that the reason he does this is so that his passengers could contact him in case they leave their things behind so he could return them. He also added that some folks prefer to directly call him for the sake of convenience as he doesn't tend to negotiate taxi fares nor reject passengers. I would probably keep his contact number as a reference - it might prove useful someday.

In other news, there are three movies that I have to remind myself to look out for - Pacific Rim, Kick-ass 2 and World War Z. Sure, there would probably be other good ones coming out, but these have been on the radar for a good while and I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Anyway, I'll be leaving Manila in a couple of days for three weeks or so. I guess this vacation is (extremely) long overdue. I could finally dump the books I bought for my cousin during last year's MIBF - along with the other stuff I'm supposed to bring over.

On top of whatever itinerary the cousins have come up with, I'm also hoping to catch up on the books and movies that have been piling up for a very long time. A friend has jokingly called me a hoarder due to this habit (which is sadly quite true), but I intend to cut down on the backlogs during the vacation.

So yeah, posts will be more sporadic (and would probably contain more gibberish than usual) in the coming days.


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