Monday, March 18, 2013

Catchups, Nightcaps and Starlight

As far as the eye could see.
Day one of the vacation, and it appears that we've hit the ground running.

I've only had three hours of sleep in the past couple of days (and to be quite honest, I regret nothing) and we've been out all day since arriving in Bacolod.

We ate at a place called Kuppa for lunch, followed by coffee and cakes at this posh place called Bob's. After a short break, we went out to an aunt's place for a simple birthday dinner, followed by a nightcap and a short walk in some park near the City Hall. Sadly, I've been half-dazed all day, so no pictures for now.

Anyway, I think one thing I miss about this place (or any province, for that matter) is that some parts have very little light pollution, which means that stars are highly visible. For some reason, I always seem at peace when I see a sky full of stars - which is something that's never possible in Manila. And yes, that does sound a bit too emo, but whatever.

Tomorrow's supposed to be a slow day, so hopefully I'll be able to do a bit of reading - especially since I brought three books to finish in three weeks.

Good times.

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