Friday, January 18, 2013

Week 3 - Wishcasters and Magic Missiles

This photo does not make sense.
"In a far away remote place in China, there's a legend of a gifted young monk who could pinpoint an opening in the sky that leads to heaven. It was said that if you shout your wish out loud with your heart towards that opening, your wish will be granted."
- Inscription on a Shady-looking Statue

So I finally got that trip to Bacolod (with the grandma) booked for March until April. I'll probably be staying with the cousins for about three weeks and explore the crap out of the island - and maybe head off to Panay (which means getting fresh cocoa again - a very well-kept secret) and Boracay if we're really, really, really lucky. It's a bit of a bummer that I won't be visiting during the two festivals that the place is known for - the famous Masskara and the lesser known Dinagsa festival (which is something I've badly wanted to be a part of for years). At the very least, I'll have a food coma courtesy of fresh seafood - and probably some liver damage because damn, the cousins can drink.

Anyway, we've been to UPLB and the surrounding area this past week. It's amazing that there are a lot of interesting places there - as if that wasn't apparent to folks who had to suffer photo spam from my Instagram account. While we didn't get to bring back any of their patented pies, we managed to grab some (a lot, actually) fresh carabao milk, cheese and yogurt. I'm especially giddy about the milk and cheese - hopefully some decent food pr0n would come out of that.

In other news, someone asked me a funny question a while ago. I'm afraid I have to answer in proper Elvhenan Tengwar.



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    1. Yeah. I had to use my leaves. Funny thing is I have a lot more I have to use up.