Friday, December 07, 2012

Week 49 - Roll a 1d40000

So I read this interesting article recently that tried to explain the idea of quantum immortality. It's a bit of a mindscrew, but Cracked managed to re-word the theory in layman's terms - it basically explains how those action movie heroes don't get killed five minutes into the movie (and all throughout the ninety minutes of unadulterated violence that ensues). In other words, Longshot-level luck. I digress though, these are just random thoughts that have been floating around all week.

Speaking of luck, Misfits' Curtis finally ran out of it. It's a bummer, since he was the last character from Season 1 and it was a crappy way to go - being zombified by your his own power. But hey, the remaining cast is interesting. Like Jess over there, for instance.

In other news... nah, nevermind. It's better that I post it next Thursday. I guess there are folks I can't seem to refuse to when they ask for help - even if I've vowed not to. I guess I'm eating my own words again.

It would probably be a good story someday anyway, so what the heck.

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