Friday, November 09, 2012

Week 45 - Tulpa Effect

So wouldn't it be awesome if I could scratch out an item from the tertiaries before the year ends? And by item on the tertiaries, I mean learning how to shoot arrows into things. I've managed to find out where my old workmates (and college folks) got their archery lessons, and the place turns out to be a vegan cafe as well, with focus on Greek food. It's isn't very far away so it's probably worth looking into. At least it's not as insane as Makati Cinema Square's basement bunker.

In other news, Entity has officially replaced Iron Sky in my films-to-look-out-for-because-it-will-not-be-released-locally list. While Marble Hornets is clearly still the king of Slenderman fiction, Entity might give it a run for its money. I just hope production wouldn't take six years like Iron Sky did.

In other other news, I'm still slogging through Assassin's Creed 3. It's not a game for people with OCD - probably only a close second to Skyrim. RE6 is on hold, because jumping on rooftops while dodging the British is infinitely more fun than slaying Majini, or whatever they're called these days.

Lastly, in other other other news:

Ante up, universe.

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