Friday, October 05, 2012

Week 40 - Overthrow

So I should say it's quite refreshing not having to think about whether I have something to post every weekday. It's just been a week though, and I guess this blog has become some sort of messed up habit.

Anyway, I had my first kickstarter pledge this week. Kingdom of Loathing has been one of the very few things that managed to consistently keep me occupied for more than half a decade, so supporting a card game was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, Kickstarter only accepts payments from Amazon, so we'll see how that goes. Hopefully, I'd get this by January next year like some sort of delayed Christmas gift to myself.

In other news, I've had to work double weekends last week (and this coming week), so that's a bummer. I was hoping to take a few days off before my move, but I don't think that's possible now. Between that and the movies slated for this month, I don't think it's a loss.

Speaking of releases, my brother recently got a copy of Resident Evil 6. I'm still knee-deep in Pandora's wastelands, so that will have to wait in line. I've had a few hours worth of play though, and it seems interesting thus far - even more so than the last game.

Lastly, just a bit of cryptic introspection - as I don't really have anywhere else to put this crap. I reckon that I let a lot of things grow on me quite easily. I guess that's a scary thing for someone who doesn't really want to let things run their course on their own. I don't know, maybe I'll choose the other path this time, for a change.

And speaking of things growing on me, I initially had second thoughts about Muse's latest album The 2nd Law, but I will probably grab a copy. There's something about Madness that I really like, but I can't put my finger on it yet. I know, what a sucker.

EDIT: Oh crap, how can I forget this! Rana McAnear liked my Samara drawing! In layman's terms, think of it as Sean Connery (or Daniel Craig, if you're into the more recent films) giving someone a thumbs up for their 007 drawing. I feel awesome.