Thursday, August 23, 2012

Like Fingerprints

"Being one of a kind means we are automatically the best in the world at what we do."
- Victor Williamson

So unlike a lot of people, I often look forward to working during public holidays (with the exception of the ones in December, of course). Makati CBD is a very different place during holidays, in the sense that one can count the people walking on the streets with the fingers of one hand. Until you get to the malls, that is. Most of the time, work is also much lighter, the commute is very easy and I often have time to goof around before or after my work hours.

I'm not sure if there's wisdom in that perspective because a lot of nine-to-fivers tend to aggressively disagree with me, saying they have the luxury of long weekends and whatnot. Then again, I've rarely experienced the hassle of rush hour or long lunch queues so I guess that's a fair trade-off. I also have the option of choosing when to take my days off in lieu of holidays and I feel that what I have at the moment is a better perk.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm never sure why people often have to cram their opinions down others' throats. I've had quite a bit of trouble in the past when I refused to support the popular view. Sure, there were times when the majority vote was correct. However, more often than not, those who are ridiculously assertive in imposing their will turn out to be horribly wrong. I've seen my share of people's plans collapsing under the weight of its shortsightedness. It's hard to blame people though because sometimes explanations can be impossible to put into words.

I guess it's natural for a lot of folks to not heed others' thoughts and let experience be their teachers. On the upside, I guess that's a rudimentary defense mechanism against gullibility (although I doubt the extent of its effectiveness).

Do I march to the beat of my own drum? Hell, I may be playing a different instrument altogether. Maybe we all do.

I guess the lesson here is tolerance (with a dash of bullshit detection - I can't seem to get the right word for it, sorry). People need to remember that perspectives are influenced by opinion and personal experience and things are unique for every individual.

In the end, just as many points of view could be right as those that could be wrong.

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