Monday, July 02, 2012

Prudence, Anyone?

"It is madness to make fortune the mistress of events, because by herself she is nothing and is ruled by prudence."
- John Dryden

So last week I've given my thoughts on being suckered into an attempted recruitment into a multilevel marketing company by a former colleague. How I get myself into these situations, I have no clue.

Anyway, normally I don't really want to point at other people's faults from a high horse, because I have so many myself. However, I saw the following post from a workmate this morning which really rubbed me the wrong way:

Had a group of girls coming in the elevator from the -redacted- office. Overheard their conversation of how much money they are making and how someone who worked abroad for twenty years did not earn anything. And then one girl goes, "Tatay ko din dati nag-aabroad. Sabi pa nga sa akin, pasalamat ka nga at napagtapos pa kita sa pag-aaral kahit wala akong naipon. Oo nga, napagtapos niya ako para kumita ng PhP15,000 per month." What an ungrateful -redacted-. Totally pissed me off.

Just a few quick notes before my rant. For the English speakers who seem to always get lost in my blog, the Tagalog part roughly translates to:

"My father used to work overseas as well. He told me that I should be thankful that he was able to provide for my education even if he didn't have the chance to save anything for himself. Yes, he was able to provide for my education, just to earn PhP15,000 per month."

For obvious reasons, I had to remove the company name. I also had to censor the curse word because only I have permission to curse like a pirate in this blog; and there are some colorful words that even I can't use. Yes folks, even evil has its standards.

After taking that misadventure last week, I'm pretty sure that these people are capable of saying these things. That was pretty much their general mindset when they were delivering their pitch.

I cannot even begin to fathom how ingrates like these are still permitted to run around. Having an overseas worker for a parent, I personally know how sad things can get for both sides (hint: not that much, if you have the right worldview). I guess these people just don't realize the sacrifice their parents make just to be able to provide for their needs and wants. For them to be able to act as if they own all the credit for being where they are today is just disgusting and is a reflection of their value as people.I know it's been said millions of times, but there's a certain kind of person who gets absolutely corrupted the moment they become comfortable in life. Is it really that hard to remember that money is a means, and not an end in itself? Is it that hard to realize that money only buys options?

I hope they realize that when (not if) their so-called 'business' fails, they only have their education to come back to.

And if there's anything that the universe is particularly good at, it's irony and an ability of delivering its sick sense of poetic justice.

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  1. I was also tricked into attending an MLM recruitment three years ago, but it's long over.

    Anyway, I agree that money is just a means, but more than that, I hope those girls realize that people are always ends in themselves... never as means. So to say, and proudly at that, something like that about his father/any other person is "immature"