Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Staring at a Blipping Prompt

So I suddenly get the urge to write while waiting for some processes I initiated to complete.

That's the funny thing about working in the field of IT. Unless you write code for a living, most of your time will be spent praying that nothing goes wrong. I guess it's pretty safe to say a boring day at work is something to be thankful for.

This is just about the only job I could think of where one gets paid to be bored. When you work nights, you have all the time in the world to do things one takes for granted. Time to read, to learn new things, and probably most importantly, time to reflect on what the heck it is you're doing with your life. There is an eerie peace when one is left to their own thoughts while the world is tucked away in deep slumber.

Maybe that's why I know a lot of folks in this field who are incredibly laid back. Maybe that's why my approach to work is 'Work to live, do not live to work'. Maybe that's why I find it strange when people take their work frustrations home with them. Maybe that's why people in IT are provided generous amounts of operational freedom in their work.

Ah well. Back to work. Looks like waiting's over.

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