Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why I Don't Believe in Assessment Tests

I'm still searching for a job, that's why (though hopefully, that'll change tomorrow).

Seriously, who fails these tests? People have been solving them since primary school.

My typical failed job application always follows a single pattern:

Step 1: They call and state that they're interested in hiring you. They set up an appointment date.

Step 2: You come to the appointment, take the test and are told to wait for their call.

Step 3: They call again and want an interview. You go there, they tell you up front that the test scores are pretty high, interview you and then say they'll call for the final interview.

Step 4: The final interview isn't an interview. It's some weird test, like a higher math problem or some other crap. You realize you'll fail, and they confirm it.

I hope that my interview tomorrow isn't going to be one of those hell evaluations, small as the chance is.

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