Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maersk Interview (Post Mortem)

Step 1: They call and state that they're interested in hiring you. They set up an appointment date.

Step 2: You come to the appointment, take the test and are told to wait for their call.

Step 3: They call again and want an interview. You go there, they tell you up front that the test scores are pretty high, interview you and then say they'll call for the final interview.

Step 4: The final interview isn't an interview. It's some weird test, like a higher math problem or some other crap. You realize you'll fail, and they confirm it.

For once, this didn't happen, so there might be hope. The technical interview was just about basic troubleshooting and general knowledge of commonly used software. Child's play.


Step 5: The dreaded "We'll call you in a week or two" phrase. I think the reason for this phrase is that there are people who go apeshit on the slightest hint of rejection. Those people should die. I'd rather that people tell me up front that I didn't make the cut. My ego will take a small bruise, but at least I won't expect anything further. The funny thing about today was that they didn't say I didn't make the cut. They said that the position I was applying for was still under evaluation. Seriously, WTF? They call out of the blue, make me do a couple days worth of tests and interviews and the the position is under evaluation?

Oh well. I won't pin my hopes on this one, but still, I do hope they call. I might as well start looking elsewhere though. Sitting around is boring as hell.

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